Blog like you Code

No need for static site generators or backend servers. Simply write an article in Markdown with your favorite editor. Then commit and push to your repo.


Own your content
Articles are sourced from your git repo. We keep a copy on our servers. If you update your article, we update our copy. So there's no need to export data from Yemi if you decide to change platforms.
SEO Options
Set a title, description and canonical url for every article.
HTTPS by default
Because security makes a better web, and builds trust with your readers.
Customize fonts
We have options for your article's title, subtitle and body!
NPM Command-line tool
Easily create articles with our metadata structure in-place.
COMING SOON - See the impact of your writing
Insightful analytics by Plausible are baked-in. No need for cookie banners. We show your unique visitors, total pageviews, bounce rate, and visit duration. GDPR, CCPA an PECR compliant.


Multiple blogs
Get upto three blogs by choosing different branches from your repo.
COMING SOON - Custom domains
Replace the domain with one of yours in a few easy steps.
COMING SOON - Beautiful link sharing
We automatically set an opengraph title, description and Mugshot Bot image when your articles are shared on social media! You can also provide your own image with article metadata.
Customize your theme
Spice things up by adding your own colors and logo.

It's easy to get started!


  1. Create a new repository


  1. Create a new directory and initialize a git repository
  2. Create a generic README file, add, commit and push


  1. Login with your GitHub credentials
  2. Authorize our app to access your new git repo
  3. Create a blog

Now any new markdown files you push to the repo will be articles!

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